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[Video]: Cutting through the Clutter – Why Your Brand Needs a Blog

By: Mindstream Media, Marketing and Media Agency

Why does your brand need to create a blog? Consumers face a daily onslaught of branded messaging – TV commercials, billboards, radio spots, search ads, display banners, sponsored social posts, etc. Studies show that consumers see up to 10,000 brand messages a day. On top of that, the internet is cluttered with all types of other … Continued

[Webinar]: E-commerce Strategies to Grow Your Business

By: Mindstream Media, Marketing and Media Agency

E-commerce continues to grow and with 2017 Holiday Shopping season just around the corner, it’s a great time to find ways to maximize your e-commerce business. In our latest webinar, we examined the biggest opportunities in online retail, and how you can amplify your marketing strategy to open up new acquisition channels online. This webinar covers: … Continued

[Video]: Geo-fencing Drives Local Consumers to Your Location

By: Mindstream Media, Marketing and Media Agency

Geo-fencing Targeted Audiences In advertising, you don’t want to cast a wide net and waste money. Thanks to smartphones, you have the opportunity to target consumers using location and user intent. Geo-fencing provides precise targeting so that you can identify and reach consumers who are most likely to buy in your area. Watch our video to learn … Continued

[Video]: Taking Control of Your Presence on Google

By: Mindstream Media, Marketing and Media Agency

The Building Blocks of Local Search There is a growing number of consumers turning to online search to find local business information. And, with the rise of connected mobile devices allowing consumers to search on-the-go, this trend is only going accelerate. For multi-location brands and local businesses, local search results are a great an opportunity … Continued

[Webinar] How Social Ads Can Transform Your Brand

By: Mindstream Media, Marketing and Media Agency

A social media presence is no longer a complementary piece that’s nice for brands to have, it’s an essential component of a holistic marketing strategy. In 2017, 70 percent of internet users and 60 percent of the population in the United States will be on at least one social media platform, according to eMarketer.   … Continued