Traditional Media

Drive customers from inspiration to purchase with traditional media campaigns.

Mindstream Media brings deep experience in the full portfolio of traditional media solutions – TV, Radio, Out of Home, Print, Yellow Pages and Direct Mail.

Broadcast and Cable TV

Broadcast and Cable TV Media

Although still the largest reach vehicle of all media,¹ TV is now just one of the numerous video screens available to reach targeted customers. More than ever, it is essential to negotiate cost efficiencies in TV to make sure it fits within a multi-media marketing campaign. The diversity of cable networks’ niche audiences offers a variety of effective channels for smaller advertisers and narrower target markets.

Our highly-experienced buyers know the strengths and weaknesses of each platform and how to assemble those elements which will best fulfill our clients’ marketing goals.


Traditional Media Campaigns - Radio

The ability of radio to establish a sense of immediacy and urgency in call-to-action at the local level makes it a key driver of promotional and limited time offers, frequently speaking to customers much closer to the point of sale.[/caption]

Our buyers can also negotiate added value buy extensions that are unique to radio like:

  • Contests and giveaways
  • News/traffic sponsorships
  • Streaming
  • Event sponsorships

Out of Home

Traditional Media-Out of Home & Billboards

The original concept of “Outdoor” as billboards continues to be extremely useful as a directional tool for brick and mortar establishments, as well as introducing a new business or location to a community trading area.

However, Out of Home has expanded widely beyond these borders to include a growing array of interactive, experiential opportunities and event marketing. Street teams and social media extensions are examples of how Out of Home has transformed from a static platform to a dynamic one.
Our experience with out-of-the-box thinking can put a different spin on Out of Home marketing.


Traditional Media-Print Newspapers and Magazine Advertising

Although newspapers and magazines have lost share to digital media consumption, print still has its place for advertising messages that require the static conveyance of information, whether that be couponing, multiple items and price points, or legally required verbiage, disclaimers and qualifiers.

Negotiation of cross-platform placement to publisher websites can bridge print into the digital landscape.

Yellow Pages

As national brands focus on local promotion, Yellow Pages and direct mailings offer an option for brands to convert local shoppers into customers. A study on local media usage and trends found 74 percent of Yellow Pages searches resulted in a purchase or intent to purchase. Our print programs are customizable to fit each client, business and market.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail programs deliver high-quality, full-color postcards (aka mailers) sent to homes or businesses, usually done in seasonal increments. Programs can be exclusive or shared:

  • Exclusive – postcards mailed individually to homes and businesses of the client's choosing.
  • Shared – postcards mailed to affluent homeowners in the market area.

Postcards are customized to stand out from the rest of the mail a customer receives. We print on oversized postcards or heavy, laminated cards with punch out coupons or loyalty cards – mail that is sure to catch the attention of your target audiences. Newspaper inserts are also an option to reach the entire country through our top publication vendors.

¹Nielsen, Q2 2017

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