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e-commerce marketing strategy

A holistic e-commerce strategy requires elements like optimized product lists, product descriptions and UX/UI to reach consumers looking to buy your products.

The opportunity

Retail e-commerce sales continue to rise every year. In 2018, consumers will spend more than $500 billion online - making up a significant percentage of all retail sales.

e-commerce sales in the United States

e-commerce sales in the United States (in billions) and percent of total retail sales

If your brand sells products online, an optimized e-commerce strategy is the best way to reach consumers who are searching for those items.

The challenge

e-commerce spans a lot of different channels each with a variety of different elements you need to optimize to achieve success. 

Our e-commerce solution

Whether you have five products on your site or 50,000, Mindstream Media has the technical expertise and know-how to ensure that your online store thrives across all your marketing channels.

Our e-commerce marketing strategies

We’ve got more than two decades of experience working to help e-commerce brands of all sizes take their online business to the next level. Our seasoned approach leverages a wide range of strategies including:

e-commerce SEO

Paid search

Data feed optimization

Programmatic media

Social media marketing

Our approach

We’re not interested in the latest buzzwords or marketing speak. We’re only interested in results for your e-commerce business. We’re not going to give you the runaround, we’re going to help you run circles around your competitors.

Mindstream Media is committed to staying up-to-date on all the latest changes to the e-commerce landscape and we're constantly honing our offering to make sure we’re giving you the best value we can.

e-commerce strategies for positive ROI

Every e-commerce store wants a positive ROI for what they’re selling. At Mindstream Media, we make delivering positive ROI for our clients our primary focus. We take a holistic approach with each of our e-commerce clients to help us get a look at each site from every angle.

Mindstream Media's e-commerce experts make recommendations for your content, SEO, site architecture and UX/UI to guarantee you get the best results possible.

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