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By: Mindstream Media, Marketing and Media Agency

Ever get a funny feeling that your brand’s Google Ads campaigns or other paid search campaigns could be better? Maybe you’ve been with the same paid search agency for a long time and performance has dropped as the agency has grown complacent. Or, maybe you’re regretting going with that agency who promised the same results and service … Continued

How to Crush the Local SEO Game with Optimized Location Pages

By: Mindstream Media, Marketing and Media Agency

For multi-location brands, location pages are a fundamental component of a comprehensive local SEO strategy. These pages serve as vehicles to help local consumers find the information they need to contact your business and make a purchase. To make sure your location pages are up to the task, you need to optimize both the on-page … Continued

[Infographic] – Smart Speakers: The Rise of the Machines

By: Mindstream Media, Marketing and Media Agency

Smart speakers have steadily increased in popularity in recent years making these devices a prime opportunity for brands to connect with consumers. To make this connection, it’s important for brands to understand how people are using smart speakers. Download our free infographic to learn: How many people are using smart speakers How people are using their … Continued

[Guide]: The Ultimate Guide to Launching Effective Content Marketing Campaigns

By: Mindstream Media, Marketing and Media Agency

  Who should read this guide? Brand marketers looking for the best ways to reach target audiences, increase leads and guide prospects towards a purchase. Whether you’re new to Content Marketing or just looking for ways to improve your current efforts, this guide will give you the information you need to create effective content pieces. … Continued

[Infographic]: Top 10 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Content Marketing

By: Mindstream Media, Marketing and Media Agency

The vast majority (86 percent) of B2C brands will use Content Marketing to connect with target audiences this year, with three-fourths of them planning on increasing their Content Marketing spend in the future. But, only about a third of those brands classified their Content Marketing as mature (25 percent) or sophisticated (9 percent).  Related – Content … Continued

[Infographic]: 5 Ways to Target Digital Display Campaigns Based on Consumer Intent

By: Mindstream Media, Marketing and Media Agency

To reach the right audiences, brands need to look beyond demographics and target display campaigns based on consumer intent and behavior – including the searches they conduct, the content they read and the places they visit. This allows brands to deliver messages that align with consumers’ needs at each stage in the buying cycle to turn … Continued

[Infographic]: The Consumer Buying Journey for Multi-Location Brands

By: Mindstream Media, Marketing and Media Agency

When developing marketing strategies, it’s important for brands to understand their customers’ buying journeys. I.e., how does someone go from a consumer realizing a need to a customer making a purchase? It can be tough. Buying journeys have become increasingly malleable, it’s no longer about trying to figure out if the journey is linear or … Continued

[Guide]: 3 Strategies to Help Multi-location Brands Connect with Local Consumers

By: Mindstream Media, Marketing and Media Agency

From our Digital Marketing Playbook series: A roadmap to help brands reach their target audiences anytime, anywhere. As a multi-location brand marketer, you know about the unique challenges your business faces when it comes to identifying and reaching target audiences. Not only do you have to define target audiences by demographics, behavior and intent like … Continued