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TV & Digital Video Ads

TV and digital video advertising

For advertisers, video content has always been a great way to connect with audiences - the combination of sight, sound and motion allows brands to engage with consumers and tell their stories on a more emotional level. And, with more channels to access video content than ever before, brands have more ways to deliver that message to consumers.

The opportunity

TV and digital video both have a substantial number of monthly viewers. TV remains one of the best ways to reach massive audiences while digital video backs up its growing user-base with sophisticated targeting opportunities.

Monthly digital video viewers and TV viewers in the United States (in millions)

Monthly digital video viewers and TV viewers in the United States (in millions)

The challenge

More channels for audiences to consume video content means more video ads to compete with. And, more video advertising means consumers are more likely to get overwhelmed and start blocking out messages that aren’t relevant to them.

Our video advertising solution

Like our other media campaigns, we leverage a media-agnostic approach where the consumer receiving the messages is always more important than the channel delivering it. We combine that mindset with our IDEA process to implement strategic video campaigns that deliver relevant messaging to target audiences.

Here’s how it works


We learn what audiences are most important to you.


We determine which video channels are most likely to reach them.


We implement video advertising campaigns across channels.


We track performance to inform future optimizations.

Digital video and TV ad campaigns

TV advertising

Network and spot ads on broadcast and cable TV

In terms of reach, there’s no vehicle more effective than TV. And, even though we preach reaching the right audiences, we still think reaching the masses is important.

Why? Because it allows advertisers like you to test their preconceived notions of what audiences are interested in their products. By reaching larger - yet still targeted - audiences, you can reach segments of interested consumers you might not have thought of yet.

Digital video advertising

Targeted video advertising on YouTube and programmatic networks

While TV takes care of the reach portion of your media mix, digital channels can provide the efficiency. Digital video advertising campaigns allow you to hone in on very specific audience segments and track their interactions with your ads.

Targeting options include:

  • Geo-location
  • Online behavior
  • Purchase intent

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