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Print ads

Adding print advertising to your brand's omnichannel media mix allows you to reach qualified audiences through a variety of channels like newspapers, magazines, yellow pages and direct mail.

The opportunity

While readership may be on the decline, print publications like newspapers and magazines still attract a significant number of eyeballs.

Print readership (in millions)

Newspaper, magazine and total print readers in the United States (in millions)

Yellow page audiences are full of ready-to-buy consumers who are looking for local business information. The intent-driven nature of yellow page users means there's still a lot of value in advertising with the original search engine. And, as an added advantage, many publishers offer cross-platform placements to connect your print and digital advertising efforts.

Yellow page statistics

There are also few media channels with the longevity of print advertising. Consumers hang on to print pieces to refer back to, cut coupons, hang a refrigerator magnet, etc., extending the shelf life of your message.

The challenge with print ads

It’s no secret that print media has been on the decline for a while, but as the numbers above prove, it’s far from dead. Print media campaigns can still be a valuable piece of a holistic marketing strategy. But, as audiences dwindle, it becomes even more essential to develop a strategic media plan to maximize your media spend.

Mindstream Media's print advertising campaigns

We leverage our years of experience with print ads and long-lasting publisher relationships to offer campaigns across a variety of channels. 

Newspaper and magazine advertising

Our newspaper and magazine ad campaigns can accomplish a variety of advertising goals like branding or promotional and are great for conveying a lot of different messages:

Static information like couponing, multiple items and price points.

Legally required verbiage, disclaimers and qualifiers.

YP marketing solutions

Our print programs are a great way to convert local shoppers into customers and are customizable to fit each client, business and market.

Mindstream Media has more than 50 years of experience in print yellow page advertising. In that time we’ve developed strong publisher relationships to get our clients the most value out of their print ads.

Direct mail

Our direct mail programs deliver high-quality, full-color postcards (aka mailers) sent to homes or businesses, usually done in seasonal increments.

Mindstream Media specially designs postcards to stand out from the rest of the mail a customer receives. We print on oversized postcards or heavy, laminated cards with punch-out coupons or loyalty cards. Shared mail and newspaper inserts are also an option to reach the entire country through our top publication vendors.

Mindstream Media has two main types of Direct Mail programs:

Exclusive – postcards mailed individually to homes and businesses of your choosing.

Shared – postcards inserted into a publication shared with other advertisers that are mailed to specific zip codes with certain demographics (like income).

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