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Learn how Mindstream Media can AMPLIFY your media planning and buying across traditional and digital channels.

The convergence of traditional and digital media

As digital media continues to rise in popularity, it's not just replacing traditional channels, it is also complementing them.

Take video content for example. In the span of a generation or two, consumers went from having to choose what to watch from just three stations on their TV to now being able to access thousands of channels and a plethora of digital video content.

And, video content is no longer limited to TV sets. Consumers now stream video content on their phones, tablets, computers and other connected devices with a variety of over-the-top (OTT) services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Amazon.

With all the options available to consume video content, it's more important than ever for advertisers like you to have a strategy to reach consumers across channels. This is why Mindstream Media provides end-to-end, omnichannel marketing strategies to help you reach consumers while they're watching video content on any device at any time.

Our digital and traditional media solutions

TV and digital video ads

Whether you’re looking to reach consumers while they’re watching the evening news on a local TV station, diving headfirst down a rabbit hole on YouTube or avoiding work by playing mobile gaming apps, Mindstream Media has the media solutions you need to reach the consumers that matter most to you.

Learn more about our media solutions for both:

  • TV: Network and spot ads on broadcast and cable TV.
  • Digital: Targeted video advertising on YouTube and programmatic networks.

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Radio and Digital Audio Ads

Whether your target audiences are listening on AM/FM radio stations or digital channels like Pandora and Spotify, it doesn’t matter to us. We can build the right media mix to reach the consumers that matter most to you wherever they go for their audio content.

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Digital Display Ads

When campaigns are run properly - with precise audience targeting backed by relevant and eye-catching creative - display ads can be an effective way to increase brand awareness and drive customers to your business.

Our hyper-targeted display campaigns use data-driven strategies and programmatic technologies to serve ads to the consumers that are most likely to convert.

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Social Media Advertising

Wouldn’t it be great if your brand could just post a few updates, share a few photos and sit back to watch the follows, likes and leads come rolling in? Unfortunately, social media doesn’t work that way for (most) brands. Organic reach is down across most of the major networks for brands and publishers and, while an organic presence is necessary to build a foundation, social is now a pay-to-play game.

Mindstream Media’s team of social media experts can optimize campaigns to help your brand reach target audiences across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

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Print Advertising

Much has been said about the decline of print media. While it might be true that print is down, it's definitely not out. These channels are still a valuable way to reach hyper-targeted groups of ready-to-buy consumers with the information they need to become your customers.

Mindstream Media leverages our decades of experience and publisher relationships to deliver a variety of print advertising campaigns including:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Yellow pages
  • Direct mail

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Billboards and Signage

The Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising game has evolved significantly in the digital age - an evolution that's been somewhat under the radar. Sure, there are still standard billboards dotting roadsides (which are still a viable directional tool for brick-and-mortar establishments), but OOH media has grown more dynamic with an expanding collection of interactive signage, experiential opportunities and event marketing.

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Our approach to media buying and planning

We believe in a media-agnostic approach to make sure your message finds the right consumers. In other words, we care a lot more about the people your message reaches than the channel we use to deliver it. We learn all we can about your target audiences, incorporate data-driven strategies and get to work building omni-channel campaigns to reach the most qualified audiences.

AMPLIFY your media and marketing campaigns with Mindstream Media

And, our work never ends - we constantly monitor campaign performance and track the metrics that matter most to you. At Mindstream Media, good enough is never good enough - we take the best strategies and AMPLIFY them based on in-depth research to make them even better.

How can we AMPLIFY your media campaigns?

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