Listings Management success story

Mindstream Media increased the number of Enterprise local listings by more than 60 percent which helped drive more than 160,000 reservations.

>9.7 Million

updates published

>39 Million

search impressions generated

$32.6 Million

in revenue generated


Campaign objective:

To enhance user experience while acquiring new customers, increasing brand presence and accuracy across the digital ecosystem and streamlining location data management across all local search touchpoints for Enterprise Holdings Inc. (EHI) brand locations.


EHI struggled with inaccurate listings across the web and wanted to increase the number of leads generated per location.



Mindstream Media chose to use Yext to manage client data across all local touch points in order to assure distribution of accurate location data to our extensive digital network. This allows customers to find the correct store information and website address for EHI stores. The secondary impact is the delivery of additional search impressions for EHI locations by enabling more reservations. This increased booking revenue. We also aligned major social media sites where location level data is crucial, rating and review monitoring and customer engagement.

Campaign structure and strategy

Enterprise provides us with a location list and tracking/attribution parameters for each program. We then build out robust local listings that perfectly position Enterprise in the local marketplace so that consumers can easily find them and are compelled to engage with their listings. Listings are then distributed across top sites, and we receive daily feeds to track the rentals and reservations these listings are generating.

Audience targeting:

Enterprise’s target audience is the everyday car renter looking for a quick replacement vehicle while their car is in the shop or booking a rental for an upcoming weekend trip.


Full results, ROI and future plans

Mindstream Media is measured against an aggressive ROI of a 5 percent Cost-as-a Percentage-of-Revenue (CPR), meaning the revenue that our listings generate each month must be 20 times the investment of the program. ROI is measured as cost divided by revenue; revenue is measured based on average cost per sale data provided to us by Enterprise. Sales counts are captured via Adobe tracking tags appended to our URLs, enabling us to track and attribute rentals, reservations and revenue to each brand and each program.

>9.7 Million

updates published

>39 Million

search impressions

$32.6 Million

in revenue

>60 percent

increase in live, accurate EHI online business listings



0.73% CPR

- 173 times the investment of the program


featured message clicks


user engagement