Lead Gen Network

Performance-based campaigns focused on the KPIs that matter most.

Phone calls influence $1 trillion in U.S. spending at some stage of the path to purchase.

That's why Mindstream's Lead Gen Network campaigns focus on one thing and one thing only: driving qualified calls from targeted audiences. We start with the “Who” and worry about the “Where” later. We do this by designing campaigns around your ideal consumers rather than a list of sites and apps.

*BIA/Kelsey 2016

The Who: Our targeting capabilities

We can hone in on users by:



The keywords they search

The content they consume

The time of day

The Where: Our partner network

Our ability to focus so much on the user is thanks to our vast partner network of top publishers. The network delivers such a large pool of consumers that we can find and serve ads to targeted audiences anytime, anywhere and on any device.

The Lead Gen Network includes search engines, mobile apps, voice recognition software, publisher websites and local directories.

The Bottom Line: Measuring campaign results

The Lead Gen Network is all about driving leads and generating conversions. That’s why we provide comprehensive performance reporting to make sure you know exactly how many calls your campaign is generating and what that means to your bottom line.

Call Tracking Numbers

Tracking numbers are dynamically inserted into each ad to track performance by campaign, ad type, keyword, etc.

Call Analysis

Calls are analyzed and broken down to guarantee you only pay for calls from qualified customers.

Performance Reporting

Call tracking is automatically uploaded to the dashboard to provide 24/7 performance reporting.

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