Hyper-Targeted Display

Reach the right customers at the right time across devices with targeted display ads.

In 2017, U.S. advertisers will spend an estimated $41 billion on display advertising.

Mindstream Media’s display solution is a great option to help brands get the most out of their display spend by delivering customized messaging to hyper-targeted audiences.

Hyper-Targeted Display campaigns are all about the consumer - it’s a solution that cares more about the intent and location of an audience than what website or app they’re seeing the ads on.

*eMarketer, 2017

To achieve this precision targeting, our display campaigns leverage a variety of targeting strategies, including:

Search targeting

Targeting consumers that have shown interest in your products and services based on the searches they’ve conducted.

Contextual targeting

Targeting visitors of websites with content that is relevant to your business.

Site retargeting

Targeting people who have visited your digital properties in the past and serving them ads as they browse the web.


Targeting people who are in the vicinity of your location(s).


Identifying people who are visiting relevant locations (e.g., competitor’s locations) and serving them ads during and after their visit.

Mindstream’s Hyper-targeted Display campaigns allow brands to... 

  • Serve ads across devices on our expansive network of publishers.
  • Target audience by location, content interests and demographics.
  • Customize video ads by location with dynamically inserted local information.

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