Hyper-Targeted Display

Reach the right customers at the right time across devices with targeted display ads.

The opportunity:

In 2018, U.S. advertisers will spend an estimated $48 billion on digital display ads.¹ Why? Well, the internet offers advertisers access to massive audiences and the ability to target specific consumers.

The challenge:

Consumers are bombarded with advertising messages every day and are constantly switching between devices and media channels. With all that going on, it can be tough for brands to break through the clutter.

Our solution:

Mindstream's display solution helps brands get the most out of their display spend by delivering customized messaging to hyper-targeted audiences. Our hyper-targeted display campaigns focus on the behaviors, motivations and physical locations of your target audience to reach the right consumers with the right messages at the right times.

How we do it:

We start by building target audiences of consumers who are likely to be interested in your brand's products and services. Which is what any agency would do, but most rely on generic audience segments - not us, we use unstructured data (data in its rawest form before it’s packaged into segments) to create custom audiences based on individual data elements like:

  • Device
  • Operating System
  • Browser Type
  • Geography
  • Intent
  • Behavior
  • CRM Data

We use programmatic ad buying technology to hone in on these target audiences in real time which results in more efficient ad spending and less wasted impressions.

Targeting strategies

Mindstream’s display campaigns have a variety of targeting options. We find the best performing campaigns are the ones that use a combination of the following targeting strategies:

Search targeting

Targeting consumers that have shown interest in your products and services based on the searches they’ve conducted.

Contextual targeting

Targeting visitors of websites with content that is relevant to your business.

Site retargeting

Targeting people who have visited your digital properties in the past and serving them ads as they browse other sites and apps on the web.


Targeting people who are within a set distance of your location(s).


Identifying people who are visiting relevant locations (e.g., competitor’s locations) and serving them ads during and after their visit.

Audience optimization

Mindstream’s digital display campaigns optimize your audience in real-time by shifting budgets to the elements that are driving performance, and by removing budget from under-performing combinations. We optimized based on:

  • Search terms
  • Contextual keywords
  • CRM Data
  • IP Data
  • Dayparting/frequency/recency/pacing
  • Websites and media platforms
  • Ad position on page
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¹eMarketer, August 2017

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