Franchise & Multi-Location Packages

Drive customers to your locations with comprehensive local marketing packages.

Whether you’re a corporate marketer responsible for getting sales leads for thousands of locations or a local store owner looking to promote your business online, digital advertising choices can be overwhelming. You just want a set of solutions that will deliver leads to your business without having to spend a lot of time managing it yourself – time you’d rather spend running your business.

We get where you’re coming from and we’re here to help. Mindstream Media’s digital advertising packages offer a unique mix of online solutions based on your local marketing goals.

Mindstream Media's approach to location-based marketing

We believe that every market is different, and unique business challenges require unique solutions. That’s why we custom design packages for you and your locations to promote your business across the web on sites like Google, YouTube and Facebook.

Customized packages touch all points of the buying cycle while making sure that each message is appropriate for where your customer is in the purchase process. Whether creating awareness, converting sales or building loyalty, we work with you to build the plan you need.

Then, when people search for your products in your markets, they can find you before they find your competition.

Our commitment to your local advertising efforts

Mindstream eliminates the online marketplace confusion and gives your locations best-in-class options that work. Our digital marketing packages are:

  • Simple, comprehensive and affordable
  • Adaptable to changes on the internet
  • Accountable through performance reporting
  • Managed by an expert marketing consultant
  • Designed to reach consumers at any stage of the buying cycle

What our clients are saying

Mindstream Media has helped us at Novus Auto Glass in Avon, CO to connect us to our customers and amplify our brand. We have seen an average of 15 percent increase every month since purchasing the franchise in March of 2018. Our Digital Marketing Consultant is helpful, efficient and has created a great professional relationship with our team. We appreciate all the efforts invested into our business to make sure we are a competitive brand.

Britney, NOVUS Glass

Since switching to Mindstream in April, we've been very happy with the level of performance and service we've received with our online marketing. Having access to detailed reports helps us track how our advertising is working. Our Digital Marketing Consultant has scheduled monthly calls with our office to go over our account with us, answer questions and offer his expertise in evaluating how our marketing plan is working for our franchise. Many of us don't have a lot of knowledge in the field of digital marketing, so it's nice to have professionals who can set it up, manage it and make sure it's working to our best advantage!

Stephanie, NOVUS Glass

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