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[Guide]: Voice Search Marketing – How to Reach Smart Speaker Users

By: Sean Flavin, Content Marketing Manager

Our latest guide can help your brand connect with consumers conducting voice searches on their smart speakers. Download this guide to learn: What smart speakers are and how these devices work. How many people are using their smart speakers. How consumers are using these devices to help them make purchases. What you need to do … Continued

5 Ways Your Brand Can Use Content Marketing to Connect with Smart Speaker Users

By: Sean Flavin, Content Marketing Manager

Welcome to the second post in our series on how brands can reach smart speaker owners. In the first post, we provided some background on smart speakers and voice search in general. In this post, we’ll start diving into specific strategies brands can employ to connect with smart speaker users. Make sure to catch the rest … Continued

[Video]: Cutting through the Clutter – Why Your Brand Needs a Blog

By: Sean Flavin, Content Marketing Manager

Why does your brand need to create a blog? Consumers face a daily onslaught of branded messaging – TV commercials, billboards, radio spots, search ads, display banners, sponsored social posts, etc. Studies show that consumers see up to 10,000 brand messages a day. On top of that, the internet is cluttered with all types of other … Continued

[SlideShare]: 25 Content Marketing Stats Every Marketer Needs to Know

By: Sean Flavin, Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing is a popular way for brands to reach target audiences with creative, relevant and engaging content. In fact, 86 percent of B2C brands and 91 percent of B2B brands are currently using Content Marketing, according to the Content Marketing Institute. If you’re interested in Content Marketing and want to know more about how … Continued

[Guide]: The Ultimate Guide to Launching Effective Content Marketing Campaigns

By: Sean Flavin, Content Marketing Manager

    Who should read this guide? Brand marketers looking for the best ways to reach target audiences, increase leads and guide prospects towards a purchase. Whether you’re new to Content Marketing or just looking for ways to improve your current efforts, this guide will give you the information you need to create effective content … Continued


How to Create Buyer Personas

Click here to download our template and get started creating buyer personas for your brand. Buyer personas are generalized representations of your brand’s ideal customers. They're designed to help you understand your target audiences’ wants, needs, goals and challenges. By leveraging that deeper understanding, your brand will be able to develop content that resonates with your ideal customers and craft unique messages for specific audience segments.