[Video]: Cutting through the Clutter – Why Your Brand Needs a Blog

By: Mindstream Media, Marketing and Media Agency

Why does your brand need to create a blog? Consumers face a daily onslaught of branded messaging – TV commercials, billboards, radio spots, search ads, display banners, sponsored social posts, etc. Studies show that consumers see up to 10,000 brand messages a day. On top of that, the internet is cluttered with all types of other … Continued

[Video]: Geo-fencing Drives Local Consumers to Your Location

By: Mindstream Media, Marketing and Media Agency

Geo-fencing Targeted Audiences In advertising, you don’t want to cast a wide net and waste money. Thanks to smartphones, you have the opportunity to target consumers using location and user intent. Geo-fencing provides precise targeting so that you can identify and reach consumers who are most likely to buy in your area. Watch our video to learn … Continued

[Video]: Taking Control of Your Presence on Google

By: Mindstream Media, Marketing and Media Agency

The Building Blocks of Local Search There is a growing number of consumers turning to online search to find local business information. And, with the rise of connected mobile devices allowing consumers to search on-the-go, this trend is only going accelerate. For multi-location brands and local businesses, local search results are a great an opportunity … Continued