Second Screen Advertising: Friend or Foe?

By: Andrea Brandon, Vice President, Marketing & Creative Services

For nearly a decade, marketers have been talking about the effect of the second screen on media consumption and advertising. As is often the case with change, fear hit early, and doubt was cast on the consumer’s ability to engage with primary content funded by ad dollars, and second screens were largely seen as distractions. … Continued

What You Need to Know About Connected TV Advertising

By: Mindstream Media, Marketing and Media Agency

As the lines between traditional and digital video consumption blur – and, in many cases, vanish completely – marketers are scrambling to find the right approach to reach an increasingly fragmented audience. Some marketers see this as a binary choice between leveraging the massive audiences and storytelling prowess of traditional TV or harnessing the targeting precision … Continued

The Connected TV Battle – A Song of Traditional and Digital Media

By: Mindstream Media, Marketing and Media Agency

Recently, we kicked off our connected TV series with a look at the convergence of digital and linear models. In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into the digital landscape by looking at the growth of connected TV audiences and the major OTT services vying for viewers’ attention.  It’s been nearly a fortnight since … Continued

TV Transformed – The Ongoing Value of Linear TV and the Power of Digital

By: Andrea Brandon, Vice President, Marketing & Creative Services

In the first of a series, we’re starting a big picture discussion about small screens. We’ll answer top advertiser questions about the ongoing value of Linear television (think network and cable), where digital factors in and what the TV evolution means for reaching the right audiences. Getting it straight First, let’s get the terminology down … Continued