Data Management

Manage all the brand data required to effectively reach your target market in one centralized location.

A consistent problem for local businesses, especially national brands with hundreds or thousands of locations, is managing all of the business data required to market each location. Managing all of that information is a daunting task. You have to worry about everything from business location attributes (i.e., name, address and phone numbers), to photos and video, to ad copy and creative, to website content – honestly, the list could go on forever. That’s why Mindstream Media built the Location Management platform. It acts as a centralized platform to assimilate, store and access all of your location data. Here’s how it works:

We collect all relevant business information

This includes location information – business name, address, phone number, landing page URL, etc. – and brand-specific data – website content, logos, ad copy, etc.

We assimilate, organize and curate the data

We store business information in a way that allows us to re-format and manipulate the data so it can be used for your brand’s various marketing initiatives.

We export the data to power campaigns

By storing your data in the Location Management platform, we can power a variety of efforts.

What can our platform power for your brand?

The types of marketing campaigns the Location Management platform can power are almost endless. Here are some examples of the types of efforts the platform is powering for our clients:

  • Local listings
  • Microsites
  • Social profiles
  • Website landing pages
  • Email campaigns
  • Display ads
  • Premium local directory placements
  • Print yellow page campaigns

Struggling to organize all of your brand's data?

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