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Data Management

A consistent problem for local businesses, especially national brands with hundreds or thousands of locations, is managing all of the associated business data. It's a daunting task - you have to worry about everything from business location attributes (i.e., name, address and phone numbers), to photos and video, to ad copy and creative, to website content, etc.

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Audience Development

Mindstream Media knows how to analyze data and build target audience segments to AMPLIFY your campaigns across media channels.

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Campaign optimization - conversion rate optimization

Mindstream Media’s Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is an integrative process that combines strategic split testing with data-driven optimization. Our team uses CRO to continually improve performance and to ensure that your media campaigns align seamlessly with your sales funnel and your business goals.

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Reporting and analytics

Mindstream Media's proprietary reporting dashboard - Advertising Management Central - is set up with hierarchical permissions to allow individuals at all level of your organization access to 24/7 in-depth reporting.

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