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Reach and engage consumers on social media while controlling the integrity of your brand.

Social Media Marketing Services from Mindstream Media

Our organic social media solution is designed to help you reach and engage consumers while controlling the integrity of your brand image.

Whether you're a corporate marketer looking to reach mass audiences or a multi-location brand looking to engage local consumers, Mindstream Media has what you need to AMPLIFY your social media presence.

The opportunity

This year, almost 200 million people in the United States alone will use social media - that's more than 60 percent of the population. U.S. social network users

And, consumers often rely on social platforms to learn more about local businesses. Consider these trends:


2 in 3 Facebook users

visit the page of a local business or event at least once a week. 

8 in 10 Facebook users

say they use their smartphone to interact with local businesses.

66% of Facebook users

rely on their smartphones to discover new local businesses and events while they’re in a new or unfamiliar area.

The challenge

Often, individual locations have very little high-quality content which means they have to rely on:

Content from corporate (which isn't specific to their location and less relevant to local customers)


Content from employees and customers (which can be questionable and doesn't always align with brand standards)

Our solution

Mindstream Media's social media marketing services provide multi-location, franchise and national brands an end-to-end solution for creating, managing and syndicating content to audiences across platforms.

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Social profile management

Mindstream Media has the tools and technologies to help your brand AMPLIFY your social media presence by:

Creating and managing profiles for each location.

Managing assets like images to optimize profiles.

Publishing posts for individual locations, regionally or across all locations.

Content development

Mindstream Media doesn't just manage data, we create engaging content that resonates with your target audiences on social media.

Stand-alone social posts

Blog content - articles, listicles and checklists.

Long-form content - infographics, guides and videos.

Content management

With our dashboard, you'll be able to upload, manage and approve digital content assets like copy, images and video from a variety of sources.

Individual locations and franchisees

Content creators (like Mindstream Media)

Third-party suppliers

Reputation management

Mindstream Media can also help you AMPLIFY your brand's reputation on social media sites by:

Monitoring and responding to reviews.

Promoting reviews by encouraging satisfied customers to rate their experiences.

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