5 Reasons to be Stoked About Snapchat Advertising

By: Charles Ackley, Paid Media Specialist

Mindstream is very excited about becoming a certified Snapchat partner. We’re looking forward to leveraging the platform’s projected user growth and its ability to capture differentiated audiences not found on Facebook and YouTube. While it may be early on in our partnership, we’re already seeing the benefits of Snapchat advertising and are excited to share these … Continued

Everything You Need to Know About Facebook’s New First-Party Cookie Option

By: Andy Lau, Paid Media Specialist

Facebook is introducing a new way for advertisers to learn more about consumers, including those using Apple’s Safari browser (an option that wasn’t previously available). On Oct. 24, Facebook will begin offering advertisers a first-party cookie option within the Facebook pixel. “Up until now, Facebook has used its pixel — powered by third-party cookies — … Continued

How to Boost Your Marketing Strategy by Understanding Consumers’ Buying Intent

By: Sean Flavin, Content Marketing Manager

As consumers research purchases online, they leave behind a myriad of clues about their buying intent. Every search conducted, website visited and link clicked tells a story. Combined, these actions tell marketers everything we need to know about a consumer’s purchase intent (i.e., the products they’re interested in buying) and shopping preferences (e.g., buying in-store … Continued

Google Celebrates 20th Anniversary By Introducing 3 Fundamental Shifts in Search

By: Malcolm Groves, Local Solutions Specialist

During the 20th anniversary of Google’s Future of Search event in September, their Vice President of Search, Ben Gomes, introduced three fundamental shifts in how the company thinks about search. From answers to journeys: Google is bringing new features to Search to help searchers resume tasks where they left off and learn new interests and hobbies. From … Continued

Mindstream Media named to early list of Snapchat Certified Partners

By: Andrea Brandon, Vice President, Marketing & Creative Services

Mindstream Media, a locally-focused, national agency became one of less than 100 Snapchat Certified Partners globally, as it increasingly incorporates Snapchat into advertiser strategies. Certification criteria for the program include: Demonstration of Snapchat advertising knowledge through successful completion of agency team training and assessments. Demonstration of campaign expertise by meeting ad spend requirements. Undergoing continuous training … Continued

Point and Shoot to Search, Learn and Shop

By: Carrie Thompson, Marketing Specialist

You’ve searched online for an image using words to describe what you’re looking for, but how do you search for something you can’t put into words? Sometimes a picture can convey a message more effectively than a written description. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. We already take pictures of all sorts … Continued

Understanding Millennials: How Social Media Drives Buying Decisions

By: Andrea Brandon, Vice President, Marketing & Creative Services

Franchisees and franchisors are increasingly aware of social media’s influence on buyers. Millennials, those currently aged 22 to 37, are a significant subset of those buyers. The trick is to understand how this demographic responds positively to social media–because while they are heavy social media users, they have distinct opinions on social content and application. … Continued

The Medic Update Examined

By: Heather Ottenhausen, Team Leader - Local Solutions

It’s been a little over a month since Google rolled out their latest algorithm update on Aug. 1 –  The Medic Update. Since then, SEO professionals have been carefully analyzing the effects it may have on different sites. At first glance, this update appeared to mainly affect sites in the medical or healthcare verticals. However, … Continued

ICYMI: Watch Saves Apple’s Otherwise Mediocre iPhone Event

By: Andrea Brandon, Vice President, Marketing & Creative Services

Last week, Apple brought the expected to the marketplace by announcing three new iPhone models with marginal improvements and added features. Sharper and larger displays, improved cameras and face recognition, better water and dust resistance, slightly better battery life and boosted speed are the headlines across the devices. Again, features you’d expect as technology progresses. … Continued