[Video]: The IDEA Process in Action

By: Mindstream Media Group, Marketing and Media Agency

Michael Fritts, VP, Business Development explains how we used our IDEA process to drive results at the local level while maintaining our client’s corporate vision. 

Signs Your Agency is Slacking

By: Andrea Brandon, Vice President, Marketing & Creative Services

Remember when you loved your media agency and just knew they loved you back? Maybe it started when they responded to your RFP or took you to lunch after a great pitch meeting. They told you that you were special. They had a million ideas to improve your performance and lower your investment, if you’d … Continued

[Video]: Driving Leads Down the Conversion Funnel

By: Mindstream Media Group, Marketing and Media Agency

Mindstream Media’s Account Service Manager, Amelia Monroe, explains how the first step in our IDEA process impacts campaign development for the #1 orthopedics hospital in the United States.

[Video]: Passion and Collaboration

By: Mindstream Media Group, Marketing and Media Agency

At Mindstream, we’re passionate about delivering the results that matter most to our clients. We work hard to make that happen, every day. 


By: Heather Ottenhausen, Manager, Location Solutions

As always, Google continues to test new search features. The most recent and noteworthy include: Showing competitor ads on local business profiles Highlighting content on-site based on the search result clicked Bulk Google My Business review management Competitor Ads on Local Business Profiles One not-so-popular test Google is currently conducting is placing competitor ads on business … Continued

[Video]: Supporting Client Growth

By: Mindstream Media Group, Marketing and Media Agency

We’re media architects designing and executing scalable campaigns for multi-location brands that drive more business in-store and online.

[Video]: Staying on Top of Trends

By: Mindstream Media Group, Marketing and Media Agency

What makes Mindstream Media different? We’re focused on staying on top of the latest marketing trends to get your brand in front of the right audience at the right time.

Google Says Goodbye to Average Position

By: Carrie Thompson, Marketing Specialist

The old saying that the only thing constant is change certainly rings true in search advertising. Between frequent algorithm updates, modifications to ad formats and the introduction of new products, features and tools, Google keeps search marketers on their toes. Earlier this year the search giant announced it would be removing the Average Position metric … Continued