About Us

We’re a full-service marketing and media agency focused on connecting national brands to consumers.


We’re media architects. We increase brand awareness, drive leads and generate sales for top brands at local, regional and national levels.

We manage all stages of our clients' advertising efforts, from idea inception, creative design and campaign execution to performance reporting and campaign optimization.


What makes us better

It's not about just delivering campaigns across channels, it's the way we do it that makes us better.


We redefine the client/agency experience by combining intellect and passion for better ideas.

Brand Defense

We are our clients’ brand bodyguards. We keep compliance and integrity in check.


We crush the media game by scaling multi-channel campaigns at every level.

Geeked Out

We capture data, assimilate, analyze and repeat, using brand, consumer and performance data to solve the toughest marketing challenges.


We combine customized media solutions and agile marketing for amplified results.


We test just about everything, then optimize strategies to beat performance goals.

Where you can find us

From New York to San Diego, we have offices across the country. Chances are, we're nearby. See all of our locations.

What we do

We put in the work to get to know your brand, target audiences, goals, etc., establishing a real partnership and human connections instead of simply executing campaigns. We act as an extension of your marketing team by:

  • Leveraging your brand’s owned and earned media
  • Integrating that media with our solutions
  • Amplifying performance by constantly monitoring and testing campaigns to validate and improve strategy

We obsess over every marketing dollar to ensure that our work drives results for our clients. Our IDEA approach sums up how we crush it for every client, campaign, project or challenge:

National Approach

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Learn your brand’s values, objectives and goals

Develop and execute brand-compliant campaigns at a regional, DMA or hyper-local level

Facilitate communication between corporate and local levels to implement cohesive brand marketing strategies

Local Approach

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Activate and enhance your brand's power for local franchise and dealer locations to drive qualified consumers to their doors

Deliver comprehensive marketing solutions that not only drive qualified leads but allow locations to focus on what they do best - running their business

Provide hands-on customer service and ongoing education to the local level, ensuring understanding of marketing campaigns and their value

Industry recognition and affiliations

We've been recognized by some cool people for our expertise and performance. Read on...

Premier Google Partner

As a Premier Google Partner, we know how to help you make the most of your digital presence. We specialize in:

  • Search ads
  • Mobile ads
  • Display ads
  • Shopping ads
  • Video ads

Bing Partner

Bing Partners are premier search advertising agencies with an in-depth understanding of the search advertising landscape and Bing Ads platform.

Facebook Preferred Agency Partner

The new Facebook Marketing Partners for Agencies program provides access to tools, resources and ongoing education designed to help empower agencies to drive value for their clients.

Clients know they can rely on us not only for our platform knowledge but they trust us as a partner acting with their best interests in mind.

Snapchat Certified Partner

We are one of less than 100 globally Certified Partners, recognized for incorporating Snapchat into advertiser strategies. We have proven client success through retention, case studies and positive feedback.

Yext Preferred Partner

We were among the first agencies to be named a Yext Preferred Partner for our success in managing local listings, local SEO and reputation programs for well-known brands.

In 2017, we were named Yext’s Trailblazing Agency of the Year for our creative, holistic view of advertising and data strategies, improving our clients' visibility using Yext solutions.

Eastport Holdings Agencies

In 2016, Mindstream Media joined Eastport Holdings and their diversified portfolio of marketing, advertising and media companies. The agencies of Eastport Holdings combine their years of media experience, creative capabilities, access to capital and extensive contact base to deliver any advertising or marketing solution a brand could need, all under one umbrella.

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