How Mindstream Media’s Creative Approach Brings Customers to American Express

What was the last ad you saw? Most likely that ad that took seconds of your attention took weeks and even months to develop. It probably was the brainchild of hours and hours of strategic planning and creative collaboration.

If you are an existing Mindstream Media client, we already know your voice and brand guidelines, and we work with you to create not just what you want, but to exceed your design and performance expectations. If you are a new client, we do our immerse ourselves by researching your brand and target audiences. We also look at past campaigns to see what you may be trying to get away from. Then, we dig in to the creative process to develop ideas, content and strategies that will not only showcase your brand, but propel action.

Versatility is our stock in trade, so we call on our diverse skills and expertise to tailor our marketing to your optimum medium or media (direct mail, print advertising, onsite materials, emails, banners, social media and websites). Sometimes, it’s a tried-and-true technique; other times, it will be new and innovative. But then, new and innovative are part of how we strategically amplify your brand.

Our partnership with the American Express Personal Savings team is an example of a successful multi-channel campaign.

The campaign goal was to inform current customers and prospects of the benefits of having an American Express Personal Savings account. We worked closely with the team in three media channels to reach as many prospective customers as possible.

Direct Mail: 64 percent response over what had been forecast!

Using photography, icons and a larger format, we created a more approachable mailer than what American Express had been using. We started with a more engaging and eye-catching outer envelope. For the letter, aspirational copy emphasized savings goals and the high annual percentage yield (APY) that could help customers achieve those goals.

American Express personal savings direct mail sample

Email Campaigns: Catching their eyes on all their devices

We continued the campaign through targeted email marketing. To ensure that the emails would be easily legible on any device, we coded them with a responsive framework. We then incorporated animation, emphasized the benefits of the program and highlighted the ease of opening an account to inform and direct prospects to the landing page.

American Express personal savings email creative v2

HTML5 Banners: Dynamic content for adaptability

We designed banners that conveyed the benefits visually with animation, icons and a contrasting dark background to emphasize legibility. The last frame is a green panel that pushes the previous animation out of the way to display the most important information, the high APY. The banners also include the ability to display external data in dynamic fields which allows the client to easily update them to the most recent APY.

The result of our multi-channel campaign with the American Express Personal Savings team was a dramatic increase in engagement.

Mindstream Media creates smart business solutions for all kinds of clients. We invite you to push us, just like American Express does. We’ll deliver.

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