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Recent Posts

5 Ways Your Brand Can Use Content Marketing to Connect with Smart Speaker Users

By: Sean Flavin, Content Marketing Manager

Welcome to the second post in our series on how brands can reach smart speaker owners. In the first post, we provided some background on smart speakers and voice search in general. In this post, we’ll start diving into specific strategies brands can employ to connect with smart speaker users. Make sure to catch the rest … Continued

The 7 Sins of Local Digital Marketing

By: Kevin Samp, Technical Account Manager

If you own a small business, you know at least one thing about local digital marketing: return is king. You probably don’t have loose piles of money laying around just waiting to be thrown at every opportunity that gets pedaled through your door in anticipation that something will stick. You likely don’t have the luxury … Continued

[Infographic] – Smart Speakers: The Rise of the Machines

By: Sean Flavin, Content Marketing Manager

Smart speakers have steadily increased in popularity in recent years making these devices a prime opportunity for brands to connect with consumers. To make this connection, it’s important for brands to understand how people are using smart speakers. Download our free infographic to learn: How many people are using smart speakers How people are using their … Continued